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kinds of stuff. something about how bankers are accused of helping rich people of dodging taxes. maria, why did you come here? why do you hate cnbc? why? or something like that. >>> plus there's real news today as well. have you seen this video? a school bus driver caught on camera smacking a student with a broom? unbelievable. the rest of the fight and the words from the bus company coming up. >>> the biebs has just dropped a new video. the jailhouse sobriety test. it's going to be great. it's our first look at these recordings, and we'll show them to you in this hour. it's bartiromo wednesday. so let's get to it. >>> happy wednesday to you and first from the fox news des this can afternoon, the united states is telling russia stand down. and warning that it does not need a new cold war c confrontation. it came from the secretary of state john kerry as the russians prepare to show off their military might. a move that has western leaders warning we will be watching. the russian president vladimir putin ordered an urgent drill for troops in western russia. that's along the country's bo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1